Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey Jude,

Your mom is an idiot. She just wrote a letter to you and then accidentally selected ALL OF IT and pushed the delete button. And it's gone forever.

But you know what? Your smile is a master delete button. Because yesterday was a nightmare. Only it was daytime and you decided not to nap for 13 hours straight. And when I finally got you to go to sleep after taking you on a long walk outside, I had no energy to do anything but fall sleep myself. But this morning, after your breakfast, you flashed me the most gorgeous set of smiles that I immediately let go of yesterday. Deleted.

However, your mom is not so much of an idiot that she doesn't pray for yesterday to NEVER REPEAT ITSELF EVER.

All my loving,

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Anonymous said...

I want to kiss this smile and his face all over!! I miss both of you so much it hurts.

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